Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fourth Quarter’s Ours – THURSDAY (Day 25)

It is unbelievable that a week has passed since my last update and now we are less than a week from being home! Like every football team in America preparing for the last 12-15 minutes of competition, we held four fingers in the air this week and declared, “Fourth quarter’s ours!” Okay, perhaps WE did not, but I did…

Please join me in praying that we will finish strong! God has given us a lot of great work to do here and we want to honor him through the finish line! Lord willing, Sarah and I will lead three more afternoon devotions (Friday, Monday, and Wednesday). I will potentially lead music and preach on Sunday morning and I will probably preach next Wednesday night as well! For those who are counting, that is eight times that we will be responsible for handling God’s Word in less than a week! Pray that we would realize the gravity of the task and trust the leading of God’s Spirit!

In addition to the teaching responsibilities, we continue to work around Emmanuel, particularly in the clinic. We have had some welcomed breaks from the clinic in the last few days but that will change. The volunteers will be very shorthanded in the clinic when we are gone, so we are going to try to pull a little extra weight in the coming days! You can pray for Leigh, Leah, and Owen as they get ready to staff a clinic that has been covered by 7-8 people at other times, or you could pray that God would eradicate Chicken Pox!

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