Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hola Gordito – THURSDAY (Day 18)

Sarah reminded me that I have neglected to share with you perhaps the greatest ministry we have had here and the most fun as well! We have been so blessed by the support of so many to get us here and it is our desire to share that blessing with others. One way we have been able to do that is by having Emmanuel staff families over for dinner! We have already shared meals with several of the staff families, some of the volunteers, and Evelyn (a young woman that Sarah sponsored for a few years). What a blessing it has been to share with these amazing people and to hear the incredible stories of how God is moving in their lives.

While we are on the subject of meals, it is no secret that I do not miss a meal. That fact has not been lost on the children at Emmanuel either! Tonight we were walking back to our apartment from having dinner with some of the volunteers. As we passed by the clinic, we stuck our heads in the window to say hello and see who was there. A few of the children have been in the clinic for two weeks and we have gotten to know them well. As always, they were excited to see us (Sarah really, they just tolerate me)! A beautiful 9-year-old girl named Natalia came to the window and I greeted her, “Hola Natalia.” With all of the excitement she could muster, she responded, “Hola Gordito.”

For those of you that are not chuckling already, “Gordito” translates something like “little fat one”.  How is that for the refreshing honesty of children? I am going to give it a little further research, but I am told that Gordito is actually a term of endearment in Spanish speaking cultures. My suspicion is that it is endearing when speaking to a chubby infant and it is a reminder to me to go for a run!

Please pray for the health of the children as Chicken Pox continues to spread among them. We know that Chicken pox is not necessarily dangerous, but it is very uncomfortable for some of the kids and creates a lot of work for those caring for them.

Walk Worthy,

The little fat one

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