Friday, August 20, 2010

Central America Drove Me To Blogging!?!?!

Blogging has been a mystery to me over the years! I must admit, there have been days that I thought, this would be a great day to publish my thoughts for the world to see; wait, I am not sure I have ever thought that at all! However, I feel that Twitter has eased me into the blogging world, albeit 140 characters at a time. Additionally, anyone that knows me would be quick to point out that I have no problem expressing my opinion and doing so loudly, I'm just not sure I want said opinions logged in the blogosphere for generations to...well, I guess that begs the question, why say it if you wouldn't blog it; I digress...

Sarah, the boys, and I are in Honduras and thought it would be nice to have one central location where folks could check-up on us! Here we are!

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