Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I am calling today’s blog Halftime as a shout-out to my favorite holiday weekend of the year, the first weekend of September! College Football kick-off weekend! Oh, and Labor Day…who cares about Labor Day?!?! War Eagle, Go Army, and whichever Georgia team my wife is pulling for today (She said this is W The Family not W The Billy, so I had to include her team!).

Actually, the first thing that comes to mind when I say Halftime, surprisingly has nothing to do with a sporting event. It reminds me of a terrible book by that name that I read in seminary along with the Lakeview deacons. The book was roughly about reflecting on your life thus far and making the second half better or securing your legacy or some shenanigans like that! Some would say that I just did not get it because I was 22, reading a book about “mid-life”; that is possible, if not likely. Since then I have even heard one story about the tremendous impact that book had on someone and how they made great changes in their life to have a kingdom impact in their later years; hats off to Mr. Buford for his literary contribution to the Kingdom (http://www.amazon.com/Halftime-Changing-Your-Success-Significance/dp/0310215323).

Perhaps I should have entitled this blog, I Digress; that seems to be a consistent theme! The real point is that today marks the halfway point of our stay in Honduras; Halftime! Back on the subject of the greatest game ever played, halftime IS a time for evaluating performance, making adjustments, and resetting strategy before beginning the second half:

The first half has been great. We have had some setbacks, battled some sinus/allergy problems in all four of us, we have seen an eye infection come and go, we have been very tired, and we have been asked to work in some areas that we did not expect to work. However, overall we have been blessed to be apart of what God is doing here.

The second half looks like it will afford us a little more time away from the clinic. That is great news; hopefully we will be able to pitch-in a little more at the preschool, school, toddler house, and the farm. These are places we can work and take the boys with us! It seems that we will have a more consistent place of service in Bible Studies and worship services. Additionally, we have some family reading and praying that we would like to catch-up on.

Please pray that the Lord would grant us health and rest in the second half of our trip. Pray that He would daily reveal to us the work He has prepared for us.

Walk Worthy!


  1. I just found your blog, so, I'm a little slow...sorry! Enjoyed catching up on you guys. I have prayed for you and now will be able to pray more specifically after reading about your trip so far. Glad to hear you are learning about the casa verde:) I've heard that that's a possibility for Peru and now you can be a knowledgeble person who has seen how it worked in Honduras! You can give us advice! Hope you all are well now and looking forward to hearing more. Beverly