Monday, August 23, 2010


I have been unable to pinpoint the exact reason, but this trip kicked our rear! I get the concept of jetlag, but we did not even change time zones! Here are some possible reasons:

1-We didn’t sleep well in anticipation of the trip; we (meaning Sarah) were restless for at least a week thinking of last minute details, etc. (I slept like a baby most of those nights…meaning, I slept well. Now that I have two kids of my own, I am not convinced that “sleeping like a baby” is a positive thing.)
2-Monday was a long day.
3-We are at a higher elevation than home.
4-We sleep with the windows open here, so it is like being outside ALL the time. Maybe fresh air really does wear you down.
5-The work here is difficult physically and mentally. Whether farming or caring for kids in a clinic, we are physically active and our minds are constantly working between two languages!
6-Unlike our mission work in days gone by, we do not retreat to our room/tent to sleep, but to care for our own children. ***Hats off at this point to missionary families around the globe!
To top it all off, our battle is not with flesh and blood! There is a real spiritual enemy at work in the world that does not want us working among these children! I will refrain from unfolding this too far at this point; I am recreationally reading Piercing the Darkness and I might go a little overboard (ala Peretti) if I dwell on the spiritual battle for too long!

All that to say, Tuesday was a recuperation day. We walked around Emmanuel, we visited with children and staff, I attended the staff men’s bible study, and we had an authentic Honduran meal with Wade and Lourdes.  The fellowship was great and the rice, beans, eggs, and corn tortillas were a welcome break from turkey and cheese sandwiches.

Grace and Peace.

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