Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Everything is kind of a blur! Clinic duties start to run together with Sarah's trips to the preschool and the toddler house. I check-in on the farm (La Granja) from time to time (must tend those carrots!)

We finally got our phones during this stretch. I am blown away at the thought of having a cell phone in Honduras! It is great to be able to keep in touch with staff and volunteers without having to wander the orphanage looking for them. Additionally, we learned a reasonably inexpensive way to call home! Praise God for the growth of technology around the world, may it be used to make HIS name great!

Friday, Sarah and I both started leading a regular Bible study. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday they have studies divided by gender and age. Sarah is teaching the high school girls (walking them through Ruth) and I am teaching the high school guys (walking them through Titus). Any Mon., Tue., or Wed. over the next few weeks, pray for us around 4:00PM CDT as we lead these studies. It is our observation that many of these students have grown-up at Emmanuel with bible teaching, but they have not embraced a relationship with God. Pray that God would speak to them through His Word!

Saturday, Emmanuel hosted a soccer tournament with a few teams from the local town of Guaimaca and from Tegucigalpa joining in the action. It was good fun for everyone, especially William who talked to everyone about it; the conversation went something like this:
"You like Shoccer? I like Shoccer. My daddy likes football." It was difficult to hear him speak those words, but I appreciate that he knows there is a difference. I believe he likes soccer merely as a means to be "all things to all people"; otherwise, I pray that the Lord will deliver him from this desire on the day of his salvation!

I had the privilege of preaching on Sunday and hope to be able to fill the pulpit for the next two Sundays as well.

On Monday, three volunteers came in for a 10-day stay. We are excited to have them here. We are looking forward to a lighter load at the clinic and the opportunity to contribute in other areas like the farm and the toddler house.

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