Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It is our second morning to wake-up in Honduras, the boys slept well again, life is good, right?
Life IS good, but I am still REALLY tired. I have tried hydration, food, vitamins, and everything short of eating SPARK (see energy and mental focus supplement: http://www.auburnnutrition.com ) straight out of the container!

The new plan is manual labor; get the blood pumping, work-up a little sweat, endorphins kick-in…let’s do this. The great thing about Emmanuel is there is never any shortage of manual labor! So what manly task will it be today? Chopping weeds with a machete, digging irrigation ditches with a shovel and pick axe, maybe building a new barn with hammer and saw?

Sur-vey says, planting carrots in the greenhouse! WOW! Does it get any manlier than planting carrots? And not even in a field, where I could at least have the testosterone pumping satisfaction of talking about the “tough day in the fields”…nope, me and grandma are tending our carrots in “casa verde” (that’s green house or literally house green, for those of you that are not “bilingual” like me – see Cuidado Piso Mojado). The Spirit within me reminded me to work as unto the Lord even in this geriatric task and I must admit it was all of the sweat and labor I desired and then some on this Central American morning!

By day’s end I had tilled, furrowed, planted, fertilized, and watered in hopes of producing 250 carrot plants…may the harvest be plentiful! I squeezed in a little clean-up/organization effort at “casa verde” and cleaned-up to go to high school men’s bible study. I spoke to the men out of James!


I am going to catch-up on here one of these days, but for now, I am going to bed! Sarah sent me to the clinic at 6:30 this morning on the one day this week that we DO NOT have the 6:30AM shift. You can imagine how thrilled I was, good thing I am a morning person ;)

Be Blessed!

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