Tuesday, August 31, 2010

FRIDAY (Day 5)

Sarah and I both worked in the clinic. There are a few cases of dengue and a lot of chicken pox, so the clinic is very busy. With children running fevers, it is good to have volunteers in the clinic 24-7. Sarah got us signed-up for two 3-hr. shifts everyday. The only downside to this is that clinic duty is one place where we cannot take the boys with us, so one of us has to be home with the boys while the other covers the clinic. We work the 6:30-9:30AM shift (breakfast, bathing, teeth brushing, calamine application for the kids w/ chicken pox, stripping beds, washing sheets, etc.) and the 12:30-3:30PM shift (this shift is much easier as far as the workload, but that makes it a little slow).

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